sims 4 lookbook korean hanbok cc
sims 4 lookbook korean hanbok cc

Meet Kim So Jeo from Joseon Era

sims 4 lookbook korean hanbok cc
sims 4 lookbook korean hanbok cc

I recently stumbled upon this interesting K-drama called Durian's Affair, where two noble women from the Joseon era were mystically transported to the present time.

In the midst of deep longing for a reunion with her late husband, who unexpectedly perished not long after their blissful wedding, Kim So Jeo decided to jump into a river from high ground.

Her mother in-law, Du Ri An, tried to save her. Yet when they emerged from the depths, they found themselves in the modern timeline where their loved ones are still alive, albeit in unfamiliar guises. Watch the trailer below.

Durian's Affair - Trailer

Kim So Jeo's Lookbook

The looks in the first, third, and fourth Sim (from left to right) are inspired from the drama, while the second one may not closely resemble it, but the binyeo (Korean hairpin) certainly does! XD

Look 1: Korean hanbok & binyeo

Look 2: Korean braided hair & binyeo

Look 3: Korean hanbok & binyeo

Look 4: Korean hanbok & binyeo

Look 5 (below): White hanbok | Yellow hanbok

Lookbook - Kim So Jeo - Joseon Era

Inspired by the K-drama "Durian's Affair," Kim So Jeo looks exquisite in a Hanbok, the traditional attire from the Joseon era. Try it on your Sim!

by Sims Saurus

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